Tuesday, 3 March 2009

blooming hazel

blooming hazel
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Spring is here. Finnally. Sunday, it was sunny and the temperatures went up to 13C! Unbelievable! This was enough for us. We put on our boots and went out to play in the garden. The season has officially started!
We opened our compost and spread it around, we had launch sitting on the grass, eating warm sandwiches and drinking tea with honey. We made plans about the summer, about friends coming over, wine and laughter...salads from our own garden and even the dream of making our own cheese. And we realized -again- how happy we are, how happy we are for having each other, for being able to make plans, for having some sun... and how happy we are for having the kind of life we always wanted to have.
All this happiness was followed by a trip to the plants store... we went for tools, we came back with 10 different plants of blue berries, red berries, raspberries and a 3 metres long cherry tree! I'm tempted to go back today and buy a plum tree, I found the right sunny spot in our garden!
The cherry tree was tree number 14 we have planted since we moved in almost 5 yrs ago. I can not wait until everything blooms and gives fruit!
This pic here is a macro of the very tiny flower of the hazelnut.

Is it sunny where you are???


Easterya said...

YES!! Sunny here too for the first time in ages, spent the whole day outside, felt alive again!!!
Lovely pic!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Not too sunny, but warmer. I am very jealous of your fruit trees - we only have a small garden. Still, it is almost time to start planting seeds...

fiona d said...

pouring with (cold) rain over here off the the Scottish west coast, so thnk you for sharing the warmth of your spring day

painted fish studio said...

i am soooo jealous! i was sunny today, but still cold. i usually go to amsterdam in april, but i'm not going this year. i'm going to miss a netherlands spring. :(

(but i may try to experience a netherlands fall!)

florcita said...

Fabs, I thought in turkey you'd have good mild weather all year round... Life changes with a bit of sun, uh?
Kitty, we bought the house becouse of the outside more than the inside. We have a large garden adn we enjoy working on it. Manly we enjoy being outside wether that is gardening or playing or just laying around reading a book and eating one of our own fruits!
Fiona, I was told it was snowing in Scotland...brrrrrr enough cold!!!
Fishy, September can be veeeery beautiful! October is more rainy, but september is gorgeous!