Sunday, 15 March 2009

lange nek

lange neck2
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A few months ago a cousin of my husband had her second child. We waited a couple of months to go pay the costumery visit to the family. In the meantime I wondered what to buy/make for the newborn.
I've realized that since I'm seriously dedicating myself to arts, I always rather make something than go buy a present. Maybe the recipients aren't that happy with my change at the moment of giving presents...tough luck! ahahaha whatcha gonna do! I do put a lot of effort in the present and the packaging as well.

Tom, the newborn baby, received a hand feltedgjiraffe/camel/llama... I wanted to make a giraffe but somehow it ended up being a hybrid of camels and llamas with giraffe like spots. My son calls it "lange nek" which means "long neck" in dutch... it's a new animal! :)
The positive thing is that the baby, today 4 months old, was all excited swinging it around by the tale...that to me, spells success!


Tweed Delights said...

That is sooooo cute! Looks lovely and soft too - lucky baby :D!

ArtMind said...

supercute! I think kids just love wiggly things on their plushies! :)

terracota said...

que dulzura! da ganas de acunarlo!

Lily Pang said...

Just so cute! I think it is a very warm and unique present for the baby. It's so nice for her/him to hug it.

reya said...

Well, I for one love handmade gifts! That scarf you wove is something I will cherish until I'm old and wrinkled.

'fancypicnic' said...

I just LOVE this!!

Who wouldn't be happy with handmade?!

Hey, Flo...are you twittering??

florcita said...

Twees Thanks!
Mitsy I even put a jingly thingy inside!
Terracota gracias...
Lily Thanks, I think so too...something unique... although not everyone apreciates the value of handmade, you know...they rather somethign fashionble that 3 million other people have!
Reya LOL will it survive that long? aaah i feel like weaving again...but im lazy.
Char No, Im not twitering. I lack the skill to stay commited to Twitter and/or facebook. So many links to check daily I forget half of them...sorry!

painted fish studio said...

Love the new animal! And handmade gifts are always the best to give. :)

Nancy said...

Floricita, I love this! He's much more interesting than a llama, giraffe, or camel would be!

I love your style!

luy said...

jjajaja me encanta es una monada,tu hijo ya lo bautizo ,cuello largo ,me gusta

Easterya said...

Gosh give me handmade any day... especially new species!! :D This little one is SO cute!!!