Wednesday, 25 March 2009

On my desk Wednesday...coasters

Remember that little demonstration a few weeks ago, on how felt was made? I ended up with a piece of felt of multiple colors... well it had to be turned into something... coasters!

They are quite simple but I think funky and a nice addition to a table. Colorful, soft, washable, easy to put away.

*I made 4 with red hand made felt combined with polka dots and a chequered pattern:

*Two very fancy ones - I think- with deep red hand made felt and black cotton. The stitching is in grey.

* There are 6 which range from pink to red passing through fuchsia. The back is made with linen.

*Some weeks ago I was trying the "felt-ability" of this fabric I bought, and I mixed it with some merino wool, bamboo and loose threads from the fabric itself. A bit of a collage. The end result I turned into 4 coasters which are a bit bigger. A soup bowl fits perfectly on it, so like a mixture between coaster and placemat!

I've been busy working on several things but I realized that I haven't listed much this month. So all of these, plus some more I'm working on, are going to the shop!


painted fish studio said...

the coasters are beautiful! a friend & i are going to try out felting using your felting post. i can't wait to try it!

florcita said...

fishy Great! If you have any question... feel free to ask!

ArtMind said...

Supercreative and fun! You always have the brightest ideas! :)

Easterya said...

Super idea, how funky!

edward and lilly said...

I love these coasters, especially that last one, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Marian, I especially like the first and the last set! Different, yet practical!