Wednesday, 11 March 2009

On My desk wednesday: Cositas

Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

Cositas: little things, in spanish.

What's on my desk...a million things. Which is not very handy when -due to maternal logistics- your desk in the dining table.
*I'm busy working on my Secret Bunny present. It has got to leave this week. Can't tell you yet what it is because it might spoil it for the one receiving it.
*Busy working on a present for a baby, a jiraffe. I wish I could show it to you but I haven't taken pics yet...
*Busy experimenting with wool...
*Busy making little plates, one of which is that one on the picture (a super macro of it).
*Busy packing and going to the post office. Did the shipping costs go up again?? How can registered mail to Germany of a flat envelope weighting less than 100gr, can cost 7.50euros??? Well, it did yesterday...

There is a lot on my desk... and at the moment too, breakfast. :)


reya said...

yeah, the shipping costs did go up! and what bothers me is that they don't justisfy it...the delivery time isn't even faster.

'fancypicnic' said...

busy, busy, busy....

Love your flickr pics of these plates, especially the one with the circles. Very nice!

Easterya said...

Your macro-thingy is fabulous!! What's the name of it again??? I need one!!

luy said...

que ser estoy intrigda
y lo de correos, en todos lados es igual
muchas muchas gracias por tus consejos no te conteste en el foro ,por que no estaba muy segura de como hacerlo
besitos besitos muak muak

florcita said...

Reya, yeah... and suposedley the gas did go down last year..
Charlotte Im going to see them today...they are already baked, I have to figure out what next.
Fab the lens you mean? I will ask :)
Luy aaah vos no tenes mi pagina de Flickr! hace click en la foto esa.
De nada.

ArtMind said...

ohhh, how I love Spanish words! :)
It's such a warm and wonderful language! I want to speak it fluently! :)

florcita said...

hahahah Mitsy, I will make sure to just speak spanish whenever I see you!