Thursday, 12 February 2009

yellow flower

yellow flower
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Im glad some flowers are starting to bloom... some color is starting to appear here and there.
My husband and I are starting to plan our veggie patch for this year. We are extending it (it was 20m2 last year, 25m2 this year) and adding lots more stuff. We are looking around for seeds and reading a bit. Naturally, this is the easy fun part. Later, hopefully next month, we have to start digging and doing the -also fun- dirty work. But it doesn't matter! Because then, by summer, we will be harvesting some strawberries, and eating salads with lettuce and tomatoes from our own garden. Aaaah a feest!
Anyway, until then, we keep hoping for good weather...and more blooming!


Anonymous said...

oooh! i can't wait for gardens and sunshine and fresh strawberries! isn't it fun to dream?

painted fish studio said...

how fun! it never occurred to me to start thinking about gardening... we still have at least another month and a half of winter. but, i should start thinking about spring!

florcita said...

Steph, I know! We got so many strawberries last year that, even sharing with neighbours and family, we had to freeze some! Great srawberry jam!
Fishy, we've got until mid march too... I guess, but we really can't wait! hahaah Plus, we are trying to get a ...oy, dont know the name in english... a glass house? greenhouse? so we can start growing stuff there... like tomatoes and pumpkins and all those things that naturally wouldn't grow here... :)

Magriet said...

I also really really want to grow my own veggies this year. But I have been saying that for the last 3 years. Might just start off with something easy like tomatoes.
It does make a difference to the mood to see the arrival of the odd flower here and there, doesn't it?
I can't wait for summer :)

florcita said...

We started a few years ago with the veggie patch. Only because I wanted pumkins which I can't get much around here. Last year, we had such a huge crop of lots of things, we had to buy a new freezer... and Im still cooking with frozen veggies from my own garden... a good investment too cos it doesn't require infinite amounts of work, and you get so much in return!

edward and lilly said...

I love the yellow flower, it's so sunny and bright. Look forward to hearing news about your gardening!

Lily Pang said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Life is so beautiful with a veritable garden. I wish I can have one.