Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rainbow and snow

It's snowing again. I don't think it will stay though. This storm has been annoounced early in the morning "it's coming from France at 140km/h" ...and everybody was getting ready. Unbelievable how trustworthy the weather forecast is lately!
Anyway, lots of colors just to cheer me up...and you :) A cosmetic bag..or whatever other bag you want to make it of.
Hand felted and lines with linen and a with a zipper.

In the shop now!

Will be back soon with more interesting stuff than just a hit and run! :)


Anonymous said...

I see that we are working with similar colours :).
I have tagged you over my blog, please check - and show :). Monika

Weird said...

Wow, these are wonderful colours! So nice of you to brighten the winter up a bit ;-)
And I love your banner, by the way!