Wednesday, 25 February 2009


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Well, carnaval is over. We spent a few days watching parades and dressing up and...drinking way too much.
I think this doesn't open the 40 days of no meat eating* but the 40 days of recuperation from carnaval excess!
I kow it is wednesday and I should be posting what's on my desk. Unfortunately not much... I have lots of ideas and no time for them. We are off in a small little vacations today. We'll be back soon!

*what carnaval is for catholics and... do you want to know where the word comes from?? or is that too boring?


edward and lilly said...

Sounds like you've been having a great time!

Yes, I want to know where the word came from, please post aboout it :)

Lily Pang said...

I read about Netherlands carnivals. It must be fantastic.

See you have sold many of your tiles. They are so unique. Keep up the great work.

Have a nice break.

florcita said...

We have the merry go round tomorrow but will post about it later! Been super busy!

I know Lily! It was madness. Came back home and all those tiles where sold!