Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Felted Stones

Some weeks ago, fighting the lazyness one feels after dinner, I prepared myself, faced the cold and went to a little workshop in the local library. Kim, a fellow wetfelter, was giving a workshop on felting stones. I didn't really care about whether I needed to learn to felt stones or not. I mean, I had never done it but I thought, hey... I guess I could do it...I can make a bag I could felt a stone.
Either way, I wanted to go because after visiting Kim's shop, I knew she is an experienced, talented artist (...and I haven't been doing this for more than 1 yr) and also...I don't know that many felters around here! And i like meeting people with similar interests.
I was pleasently surprised. I had fun, learnt a trick or two and most importantly met a really warm, funny person with whom I've agreed to organize some kind of felting day just to work and get to know each other better. You never know what cool collaborations can come out of that.

Well, here are my felted stones. They were stopping a door in the living room until my kid picked them up and threw them accross the room. I envisioned a smashed tv or window so I put them out of reach. They are pretty heavy!


painted fish studio said...

love your stones! isn't it wonderful to meet other creative people that you look up to?

viltk said...

Thank you for futuring me!
I am asked to give 3 more felting classes at the library... Just to bad it's not in your area. Hope to see you soon !

luy said...

muy bonitas las piedras¡¡¡ de verdad tu hijo rompió la tele y la ventana !!!!!saluddos desde sevilla

antigoni said...

great idea!!!
tey are beautiful!!!

ingermaaike said...

Beautiful stones! I love doing them with the boys in summer, but hey how many felted stones can one have??

edward and lilly said...

They're lovely, although one of them going through the tv might not be so lovely.

florcita said...

Fishy, I think for me the funnest part of being out there with your art, is meeting other people that do the same as you. Meeting people in general is something i like LOL!
Kim, you are welcome!
Luy, HOLA! Nono, digo que "envisione" vi a futuro... me imagine la piedra volando, por eso la saque del alcance de el! Gracias por pasar!
Antigoni, thanks!
Inger, yeah... kinda limited amount. Unless you want a whole wolly garden!
Edward and Lilly, yeah, no... breaking stuff, especially when we are still with bellow zero temps, not fun...really not fun!

Weird said...

They look great! Remind me a little of some felted-over soap I have seen recently. Apparently one can use it through the felt, which sounds fun - but the ones I thought about purchasing didn't smell too good ;-) But if one can choose the soap, it's quite a good idea, I think.


luy said...

jaajajaja yo, ya vi la piedra volando por la habitación
estoy espesando a introducirme en el fieltro moldeable pero todavía ni lo toque, en España no es muy conocido y cuesta que te traigan los materiales ,ando buscando tutoriales haber si soy capas de hacer cosas tan bonitas como las tuyas

florcita said...

Weird, making the felted soaps yourself is not hard at all. In a few weeks I will post some kind of tutorial and then you can make them yourself!
Luy, para casi fin de mes, hay un post que compartimos con otras artistas y cada una presentara un poco de info sobre los materiales con los que trabajan... si tengo tiempo, es mi idea sacar un poco de fotos y mostrar lo basico basico... asi que quedate sintonizada. Si estas interesada yo te puedo linkear con lugares y gente que venden los materiales online (yo compro online!)

luy said...

estaría muy muy agradecida pues ando un poco perdida gracias