Thursday, 8 January 2009

Vacaciones de invierno- mosaico

Vacaciones de invierno- mosaico
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Well, as promised... some of the stuff I did during the holidays...
Remember I'm teaching myself how to sew (with various degrees of success)? well, I finally found a shop that carries that stuff -no idea about the name- to fill soft toys with... and bought a bag. Also bought a couple of meters of the stuff you put between two layers of fabric when you want that quilted effect... Sorry about the lack of names but I do know them in spanish, but not in english. The woman that sold them to me didn't even know the name in dutch... we agreed on "vulling" which is something like "filling or stuffing". If anybody knows...enlighten me.
So, I made some gifts for my son's kindergarden teachers. I didn't want to just buy a box of chocolates or flowers.Instead I made some flowers... (this was a bit before the holidays... the ones in the pic I made later).
Then, I made my first hand felted soft toy. No seams, just felted with the bunny shape and then "stuffed" with that material I was talking about before. I thought it was going to be more difficult, but, for a first attempt, not that bad. The pics here are small, but on my photostream on Flickr you can see that the bunny has veeeeery long ears, it's green and it has little needle felted spots here and there.

Last row in the mosaic:
I wanted to use one of those ceramic flowers I made a few months ago, so I knitted a very simple neck warmer and added it more as an embellishment than anything else. It's super warm!
I made a huuuuuge wrap on organza onto which I felted some flower (ish) shapes which later I embellished by hand sewing a million seed beads. The technique of felting onto fabric is called nuno felting. I used merino and silk and basically you don't have to sew anything, as you felt, the fibers of the wool pass through the weaving of the fabric and they "attach" themselves. The edges of the wrap were finished with a technique which is called "scorching"..which basically means you...burn them. :) Yes, with fire.

Last but not least, a little handbag. The white is a piece of handfelted "fabric¨ which has a really nice bumpy texture . Basically I handfelted a long strip which later I sew and it became a handbag. The top rim and handles as well as the lining, are fabrics from Amy Butler's collection (don't ask me which because I don't know!). The leaves are buttons that my mom sent me from Argentina a while back. They are hardened leather in 3 different tones. This bag I didn't make now on the vacations... I just re-lined it (now that I know how it is done, at least the theory) and finished it.

We also changed the curtains in the living room and the dining room, bought a new bookcase which takes up a whole wall from floor to roof and filled it with books.
Took long walks in the snow, took lots of pictures, ate like piggies, suffered a lot with our kid and his operation, watched lots of movies, listened to music and spent time together.
The husband is going back to work tomorrow which officially finishes the vacationing time. Back to regular life. And that is just fine with me...


Tweed Delights said...

I LOVE the bunny! Absolutely gorgeous - amazing that there are no seams?! I have no idea about felting (obviously!)

You will love making soft toys - it's great fun :D!

Florcita said...

Tweedy, well, you sort of started with the burger! There are no seams because when the wool is felted, the fibers interlock and "sew" themselves... Someday I will master the patience to make a tutorial so people know what I'm talking about :)

edward and lilly said...

I am loving the bunny, so cute! I can't believe this is your first go at soft toys, he turned out really well. I also love the ceramic flower, it's gorgeous. And I'm amazed about the scorching process on the nuno felting, very interesting.

Over here we call the toy stuffing fiberfill, polyfill or just plain old stuffing. And the flat quilting stuff is batting but I think there are so many names for these things that if you make up a name for them it doesn't make a difference :)

Magriet said...

You are one talented lady :)

I've tagged you on my blog. You can find the details here:

Magriet said...

Yes I'll be able to understand you if you speak in Dutch to me :)

I can't speak it myself, maar ek is seker jy sal verstaan as ek in Afrikaans skryf :)

'fancypicnic' said...

You need to stop making all of these things! Your arms will fall off!
Only joking, Flo. Don't know how you do it, I really don't. Having difficulty getting back into the swing of things at the moment, what with all the logs!!

A tutorial on the flowers could be a place to start - what d'you reckon? Could you? Would you?!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Oh, you've made some lovely stuff. I love the scarves and their ceramic buttons.

I've just checked the bag of stuff I use to fill my felt items, and it is indeed called 'vulling'.