Saturday, 17 January 2009

Handfelted bags

Handfelted bags
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

These past days I've been on a felting spree. I needed a small handbag for myself and along the way I discovered a shape which I like, it's comfortable and everything I need fits!

The first black one is the result of a scarf gone wrong. So I was left with a large piece of felted fabric which I turned into a bag (the white inside the flowers is wool where the black has been carved out). It's irregular -not a perfect rectangle- has two straps and it is lined with a black and white polka dots cotton fabric.

The red one is handfelted with no seams. I wanted texture so I added some locks on the same red color. It's really difficult to photograph red (at least for me) so one can not see the detail in the locks which have a little bit of silk. This one is staying with me. I used it yesterday all day and was surprised at how comfortable and big it actually is.

The small grey squarish one was the first one I made. It is small and on purpose like that. Also felted with no seams, so they are super strong.

Lastly, another round grey one. The handles are flat, not a coil like the red one. It's simple, has no embellishments, but sometimes that is better, right.

I'm now going to try and experiment with some pattern and texture. I bought from Monika's Soft Fiber etsy shop, a sample pack with lots of beautiful fibers I'm dying to try... so enough internet, to work.


Half an Acre said...

lovely bags! i've always wondered in the handles wouldn't stretch though.

'fancypicnic' said...

These are gorgeous!!! And so many! I absolutely love that red one with the added textures.

How on earth are you managing with your Etsy problem? Makes life a bit difficult for you. Is it just the pictures that you can't see??

Marian said...

Anna, they don't strech actually. It's not like when you knit that the wool is left with some "movement" if you want. Felted, the fibers are sort of packed and are very strong.

Charlotte, Virtually my etsy shop is closed. I can't list stuff, re list, see anything. Can't read convos, reply... nothing. I can't even put a message up saying that Im having troubles! I emails Admin with all the details and nothing. Lots of people seem to be having the same problem...yet, nothing happens. Seems to be something with IPs.

Easterya said...

LOOOOVE the red one!

Wendren said...

My lecturer loved felting. She made herself this AMAZING bag with a lazer cut bunny on it. Perhaps I can get a picture of it one of these days and post it on my blog. Felt is such a wonderful fibre/textile.

painted fish studio said...

love, love, love your bags!

Lily Pang said...

I love them, especially the red and black ones.

It's very nice to have the texture.

Pam de Groot said...

hi Love the bags. I'm planning to give the hats a rest and give bags a go soon. must keep diversifying. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

a lot of nice work going on here, Marian! Well done you!
And thank you for the link! :) (and the business!)

Eldeco Projects in Noida said...

Nice creativity...!!!