Saturday, 31 January 2009

Merry Go Round

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art a

We are group of 8 women from all over the world
, we have got together in what would constitute an example of peaceful idea exchange and diplomacy, and agreed to come to our blogs once a month and share a bit more about ourselves.
We choose a question and all of us have to answer it in our blogs. It will be very interesting to read what each of us has to say, taking in account how much our lives and crafts differ.

This months question is: what craft would you like to attempt and learn this year, providing you had the resources for it.

I will be the first to admit that I am a very curious person and always like trying new things. I wouldn't have moved half way around the world if I weren't. I have a list of crafts I want to try out, techniques I want to learn. I think about this in a very philosophical way, whereas some other people might think that I have the concentration span of a kid: it isn't that I get bored of something I know already and decide to jump to something new... nono... I look at it more in terms of broadening my art's education, and adding one more skill. You don't forget what you already know and knowledge takes up no space. Learnign something new can help you with things you already know.
So, I'm still wet felting almost daily (the proof is in my roughed hands! too much warm water!). I'm
still working with clay trying to master the art of making a tea pot (that works without you burning with tea...) and now I have a new sewing machine (even though I hardly know a trick or two of the sewing book).
And I want to try and learn this year:
To spin wool: I've looked around everywhere for a teacher but I can't find one. So, the internet shall have to do! My husband made me a drop spindle and I'm on it.
To dye wool with natural dyes: I already signed up for a workshop in May for a day of shearing a sheep and then working with its wool.
Glass fusion is always in my list, so is bookbinding, jewellery making, sewing, paper making and papier mache. That is quite a list you might say... and it is. But I take steps towards learning this things daily by reading, searching and even trying it out.

It makes me happy and excited to have all these interests because they add add ideas and challenges to my life. I might not have unlimited financial resources but I will find the way. This seriously makes me think of what a great life I have, apreciate my life's circumstances. It is just what I always wanted...

(sorry Im a day late, I am a bit sick and it takes time to drag myself to the computer...)
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Easterya said...

I think having what looks like the attention span of a mosquitoe is great, it is what separates you from the other artists in your field, as through learning new techniques and through your natural curiosity you will push barriers, and your previous post already proves that... Your creations are not just felt, they have a soul of their own, and that is so precious and rare!!! And I look forward to hearing about your sheep shearing!!! :)
Hope you're feeling better!

'fancypicnic' said...

*feel the get well soon thoughts winging their way to you...*

Flo, you do so much already how will you find the time to do all this?? I know you will - you just do, somehow. You're an inspiration, my lovely.

I'm liking the sheep shearing...we've so many here in this forest, I bet they'll be gagging for a haircut pretty soon!

Lily Pang said...

Wow, you really have lots to learn. I always feel you are energetic and super creative person.

There is some difference between jumping in subjects and learning. I think learning is to broaden your horizon and help you think how you can do what you are doing in a better way or create new way to do something that others never done before.

Keep it up!

Marian said...

Easterya, thanks so much for your kind words. The world is too rich to just stay put for too long, right?

Charlotte, I have no idea when I will fin the time... I guess I will keep neglecting household duties hahahahaha Can not wait until the kid goes to school all day! what a joy!!!!!

Lily, thanks so much. I dont know if I am too energetic... but I do feel the need to do stuff daily or I just feel like I wasted time. Remanents from the times when I used to be a super busy person. LEarning is broadening your horizon, precisely! Thanks!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

So many things to get started on... where do you find the time! :)

I look forward to hearing all of your news about this and hope to learn with you about drop spindles and dyeing fibres!

Maybe we should do a follow up group post?


Pam de Groot said...

Ah Marian I know what you mean. I did the pottery before the textile work. The secret to a good pouring teapot is the shape of the spout in relation to the shape and size of the body. Though if it still dribbles a smear of silicone just under the end of the spout works a treat too! I too seem to endlessly find new things I'm desperate to learn about. Basket weaving is one I tried a few years ago, just lovely. You start to look at everyone's gardens in a new way.