Wednesday, 17 December 2008

On my desk wednesday!

Hello everyone!
I've survived! ahahaaa. Still with a cold but life must go on. I got bored in bed. After a while my head was boiling with ideas of things to do and try, so I got up and went to work.
We are leaving in a few hours to Aachen, in Germany, about 70km from where I live. We love going there everynow and then because it is a beautiful city with lots of history. But also, at this time of the year, one can catch the Christmas market... we are after wooden tree decorations, and that is one german especiality (not to mention the glüh wine as well...).
In the meantime, on my desk yesterday... this lovely hand dyed silk rods I bought a little while ago from a seller in Etsy (whose name and link I would post here if Etsy would let me access my own shop/account/graphics in general...according to the forums, there is a whole lot of us experiencing the same).

I will try something out with them really soon. For now I just take them out and look at them..and think..

I found the card of the artist behind this beautifully hand dyed silk rods. It is larkspurfunnyfarm. Do please visit her shop!


painted fish studio said...

enjoy your trip to aachen! my sister lived in germany for a year, and her tales of the wonderful christmas markets really wish i had been there, too. she did send me some market goodies... i just love how the germans celebrate xmas!

Claudia Wendt said...

Beautiful Colors

Lily Pang said...

Wow, it is so nice to travel. Wish well and have fun!

Anonymous said...

what an uplifting colour in these dark grey days! Have a great trip and get over the cold soon! m.O.nika