Thursday, 18 December 2008

Collage de fotos del Mercado de navidad

Collage de fotos del Mercado de navidad
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

We did go to Aachen and we had a really nice time. Even though it rained the whooooole time and it was only 1C...cold and wet all day. But we walked around, saw lots of great stuff...mostly very good quality hand crafted items. Prices naturally according to the labour and I must say I was surprised to see to many great items and techniques. I really enjoyed it. However, if it had been 10 degrees warmer, it would have been fantastic! :)
We went to a big book store with several floors filled wth books where we got some stuff in spanish and alsp in english (so we both, husband and myself, can read them).
We had good food, and glüh wine, pastries and all those good german delicatessen.
We really timed our homecoming badly and we ended up in the highway at 5pm the same time every person in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands was leaving work...and people around this area move a lot from country to country for work, so the highway was a sea of car lights. Pretty for a picture (not so good for your nerves or the planet for that matter).
Here is a collage of pictures from yesterday. Click on it for a larger view!


painted fish studio said...

thanks so much for posting pictures on flickr! for a moment, i was there in aachen with you, wish i was able to be there in reality! i love germany...

Marian said...

Hey Fishy! I always have fun in Germany...and always eat well too!

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