Friday, 19 December 2008

Look what I got IV - Easterya

When we did our last group post, the Merry go round of November, I went and read all the posts from the other group members and also visited their shops. A way of catching up! And when I got to Easterya's DaWanda shop I was shocked... so many goodies I hadn't seen! I started by commenting on each item I liked and all of a sudden I realized I wanted half her shop!
I saw something though that I really really liked and I knew my mom would like it as well. A beautiful necklace with 3 golden jade stones mounted with dragonflies and beads ...a beautiful necklace. So I thought, I'm going to order it for Christmas. Fabianne, the artist behind Easterya, had to make it for me so in the meantime we tweaked slightly the design for something I knew my mom would like. Loads of messages went and came from Turkey to The Netherlands...and then finnally, it arrived, the Bermuda Buttercup necklace in my hands...and neck.

It arrived beautifully packed in a little box with red organza and care instructions. A description of the necklace was also added (stones, etc).
Such beautiful craftmanship! so neat and well balanced. Gorgeous. I tried it on -obviously- and I'm afraid to say my mom will not be receiving this necklace for Christmas...this one is staying with me and I will be using it on Christmas night...sorry Mom....

I have to say, not only Fabianne is a very nice person and a gifted artist, but the beautiful creations, quality of stones, customer service, care for packaging, speed in delivery AND the fact that she offers free shipping, means only that I will be visiting her shop again.

Take a's worth your time!


Spotted Sparrow said...

I can see why you kept it. It's gorgeous! I love everything in her shop too.

Marian said...

Aha! Iḿ not the only crazy one! hahahaa

Easterya said...

Mariana, you're such an angel, thank you so much for this, I am SO touched!!!
Julia, thanks for the compliment too!
Both of you are so crazily creative and talented, your comments mean a lot to me, thank you, you've made my day!!!

painted fish studio said...

it is soooo beautiful! i would keep it, too! :)

Ruth said...

Ah! It is lovely - as is Fabienne! She's definitely a keeper! Isn't it nice to support each other! Poor mum though! Hope she doesn't read your blog! Marry Christmas Marian.