Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wooden Buttons

Remember a few days ago I was talking about sneaking into Mr Husband's workshop to use his tools for making buttons?
Well, they are done. I needed to make fast a bunch for a friend, so I grabbed the hand saw and cut around 30 slices from a piece of wood laying around. I cut some square ones and some round ones.
Sanded them down a bit ...all by hand done this...ouch my fingers! And then went on to embellish some of them. Put a coar of lindseed oil, which is just natural oil taken from the flax plant so all very eco here!
Lastly I drilled some holes.

This is such a nice little project. So relaxing, simple and you can do so much to and with them!
If anybody wishes a more detailed step by step, say it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, please!!! Step by step! I haven´t worked with wood yet and don´t have DIY husband, but this is marvelous, Marian!!!! I so love them! Let´s do a trade!

terracota said...

genial! que buen aspecto tienen, seguro que al tacto son aun mas seductores!

florcita said...

Monika... will come no problem! If you want some let me know and I will send them to you!

Terracota...tengo miles de ideas con los botones y poco tiempo!

Wendren said...

Wooden buttons are great. I found that when I 'oiled' them they swelled. I did not try linseed oil though, so I try that next. Thanks.

ingermaaike said...

Fabulous buttons!